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ahahhahaha what the fuck is wrong here is the siren damaged or something.  I’ve heard this exact siren before but never all creepy like this

skeletorren you’ll dig this

now let me tell you about a game called siren. When the siren sounds, you’re fucked.


I live in Chicago, and I can honestly say this is accurate. It’s a combination of being near multiple sirens, and the sound waves bouncing off the buildings and alley ways. The grid work Chicago is built on can play a lot of tricks with sound and wind. You can often hear police sirens several blocks away and never know which direction they’re coming from. You can also be walking in a pleasant breeze, then step into a cross walk and almost get blown over.

(Source: simulatedcity, via capaow)

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Cleaning the room again.

I always have to do it in quadrants. I did the bookshelf, headboard, and side table yesterday. Just spent the whole morning on the closet. Next is the dresser. Then the bedding and floor.

I’ve already got a solid stack of items going to goodwill though. Which is always nice.

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Is the prize a free cruise? No! Are we sending you on a trip for two? Kind of!* Do you want to know the details? Keep reading!

As you may have heard, En Voyage: An Illustrated Journey is live over at Indiegogo until August 1st! You can check out the campaign here. The images above feature some of the previews of the upcoming book, plus details on the book itself! Visit the campaign and check out our perks, we’ve got some neat stuff to offer you for your help!

We’re going to need all the assistance we can get and we want, even if minimally, to thank you for your contribution to our campaign! By participating in this giveaway, you’ll have the chance to win a copy of the finished book, on us! That’s right, if you are the winner of the giveaway, you get a FREE copy of the book, so let’s get sharing!

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Rules and regulations:

  • The only way to enter the giveaway is by reblogging this post.
  • One entry per blog.
  • Entries will be accepted until the end of the IndieGoGo campaign; August 01, 2014 at 11:59pm PT.
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  • Prize fulfillment will coincide with the campaign’s ‘estimated delivery’ date; November 2014.
  • The winner will be notified via Tumblr, please make sure to have your ask box open or a way to contact you in your blog.
  • If we are unable to contact the winner, a new winner will be selected.

Thank you for participating and helping us spread the word! 

*If you look at the book simultaneously with somebody else, you both can go on an European adventure!

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Dash Con says they have official dates for the Indianapolis Convention Center. But that hall has literally 1.3 million square feet of space. Even if they only take up a small portion of the building, they’re still in over their heads.

These people couldn’t even handle/afford the 146,000 square feet of the Schaumburg convention center. And they still want to limit daily badges to 500.

I’m almost tempted to call the convention center and ask if they’ve actually entered into an agreement with these folks. The Indianapolis Convention Center is not small potatoes. There’s an entire district built around it, and several hotels directly connected to the building.

I just can’t see this as anything close to being true.

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Get home from the renaissance faire.

Discover you only got sun on your cleavage.

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freezecooper asked: How many Bad Dragon dildos could you buy for $17k?


For 17,000 dollars you could buy 170 dragon dildos or 85 extra large Chance the Stallion dragon dildos with the flared base, but a relationship with Jesus is priceless please go to church

If this isn’t one of the best responses to the dashcon kerfuffle, I don’t know what is.

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My sister and I had two choices for Night Vale live. Either see them 5 minutes away at Dash Con, or drive an hour up to milwaukee.

My sister and I have been going to cons for a long time, and we knew right away that for a first-time social media gathering, Dash Con was way too expensive. I understand why they went with a nicer, more expensive establishment; but it was too much all at once for a first-time go. So we chose to go to Milwaukee instead.

Today I got the tweet to the tumblr post about WTNV having to cancel their show after they arrived at the venue and were informed, after discussions, that they couldn’t be paid for their travel and performance.

So, Lucky us, my sister and I will get to see them on Monday as Scheduled. We’ll be in the center, third row.